Welcome to something new...

I've been working in the industry for over 10 years as a server and a bartender. I grew up in the restaurant world and it seemed so normal to continue throughout college and post-grad life. I officially quit the game in 2017 when I got pregnant with our second son, in order to pursue our creative business full time and help my husband build our tiny house (more on that later). It was a scary leap, not having a "side hustle" or side cash to indulge in luxuries such as shop at Earthfare or order a top on sale at Free People (haha) but it has been a huge leap of faith and trust that only my husband and the Lord could have encouraged me to do. Plus, I had to start practicing what we have always felt called to pursue, working full time with our hands and helping other people do the same. It definitely took some time and convincing but as of 2018 I started over. This blog is a new accountability to keep pursuing our American Dream and pursue it with all my heart.

Cheers & blessings, m

Melina LaVecchia